Partial Hospitalization Program

More than 5 million American adults suffer from some form of emotional problems, more common than cancer or diabetes. Asking for help is perhaps the most difficult thing anyone can do, especially when the need for help involves a behavioral, emotional or substance abuse problem. The right care may be effective and successful in returning the individual to their family, friends and community. The Program provides a caring, therapeutic environment of recovery by using a variety of care initiatives within a tightly structured and highly developed care system. Using a well-trained team of caring professionals, the Partial Hospitalization Program is able to provide the tools to succeed in returning to the life that was once though to be lost.


The Partial Program is designed to assist adults with emotional, behavioral, and substance abuse problems. The Program provides clients with a supportive, structured environment without interrupting family life. The Program is tailored to each individual’s needs, level of functioning, and ability to progress. With a full range of services, we are dedicated to providing for the emotional, behavioral, and/or substance abuse needs of adults. This is accomplished through an individualized, structured schedule of group therapy and activities throughout the day. The Partial Hospitalization Program was created to help our clients improve their quality of living.


The Partial Program offers treatment for a wide variety of clients with emotional or behavioral disorders meeting admission criteria. The Program offers intensive group therapy which includes, but is not limited to, stress management, education regarding depression, anxiety, addiction/substance abuse, anger management, relapse prevention techniques, grief and loss, self esteem, and relaxation techniques. Individual and family therapy sessions are provided according to the individual client’s needs.


The Program Treatment Team includes Psychiatrists, Counselors, Social Workers, Substance Abuse Counselors, and Registered Nurses. Each client undergoes a thorough assessment process in order to create an individualized treatment plan. Services for the Partial Program are Monday 12pm to 5pm and Tuesday through Friday from 11am to 4pm. The following services are provided:

• Pre-Admissions Screening and Intake
• Medication Management
• Crisis Intervention
• Case Management
• Individual, Group and Family Therapy
• Discharge Planning and Aftercare
• Transportation available at no cost


For more information about the Partial Hospitalization Program please call (256) 546-9265 or call (800) 245-3645. Ask for Paul Moffett, LPC at ext. 2068 or Jimmy McCartney at ext. 2076. An appointment will be scheduled for a screening assessment at no charge. Most insurance companies recognize day treatment programs as meaningful and effective ways to treat problems while also allowing an individual the freedom to enjoy their lives at home while reducing hospitalization. Mountain View Hospital and GrandView Behavioral Health Centers are wholly owned subsidiaries of the parent corporation, Southeastern Psychiatric Management, Inc.