Inpatient Psychiatric Centers

The Child Center

The Child Center is designed to meet the special needs of children up to 12 years of age so that they and their families may work together on their problems. The individualized treatment includes a unique combination of education, recreation, therapy and behavior modification. This environment is conducive to the uncovering of hidden strengths within each family.

The Adolescent Center

The Adolescent Center is designed to help adolescents and their families work on their problems using an individualized treatment approach. Treatment is provided according to a “level system” and includes a unique combination of education, recreation, behavioral and chemical dependency therapies, and positive peer pressure within a structured and supportive environment. This Center assists young persons between the ages of 12 and 18 years uncover hidden strengths and discover personal solutions to personal problems.

The Intensive Care Center

The Intensive Care Center is specifically designed to evaluate, stabilize, and treat those individuals who are struggling with acute manifestations of various psychiatric disorders and/or syndromes. The Center is a secure program and offers safety and constant observation for its patients. The Intensive Care Center is designed for Children and Adolescents.

Treatment Philosophy

The treatment philosophy of all Centers is based on a holistic team approach that includes a nurturing, supportive and highly structured, therapeutic milieu. We believe that each patient has individual needs which must be mutually identified in order to facilitate the attainment of his/her optimal level of functioning and maximum health potential.

Treatment Goals

The goal of all Centers is to provide a structured, therapeutic environment. This is accomplished by utilizing various modalities that include the following:

  • A comprehensive evaluation including psychological and educational testing, psychosocial assessment, complete physical and psychiatric examination, speech and hearing evaluation, and chemical dependency assessments (as appropriate).
  • Individual, group and family therapy with professional staff.
  • Educational services are provided, when appropriate, through our licensed school, Summit Academy, where educational programs are tailored to the individual’s academic and emotional needs.
  • Recreation and activity therapy.
  • Specialty groups including children of alcoholics, sexual abuse groups and communication skills.
  • Social Services.
  • Individualized behavior modification programs designed to be transferable to home situations.
  • Parent education training.
  • Aftercare and outpatient services.

Treatment Teams

Each Center has its own unique multi-disciplinary treatment team which are specialized in treating the unique needs of children, adolescents and adults. These teams consist of physicians, clinical psychologists, professional counselors, registered nurses, psychiatric technicians, recreational therapists, social workers, and dieticians. All of these professionals work together and, with patient input, form an individualized treatment plan for each patient.

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